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To meet the most demanding market expectations and having taken under consideration importance of every second, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery of materials from all around the world. The assurance that our promises are something more than just empty words is in the perennial experience of our company, gained through numerous collaborations with many international corporations.

Stop the Virus!

In an age of SARS-COV-2 pandemics, whats is the most important for us is the safety of our society and human life. For this reason, all our efforts are focused on so nowadays necessary, or even live-essential antiviral substances. Right now immediately available are such products as contaminated spirit, a wide range of biocides, and antibodies tests COVID-19 IgM / IgG.

COVID-19 Tests

We offer rapid blood serology tests that can be used to identify whether a person had been exposed to a particular pathogen by looking at their immune response. In contrast, the RT-PCR tests, currently being used globally to diagnose cases of COVID-19, can only indicate the presence of viral material during infection and will not indicate if a person was infected and subsequently recovered. On the other hand, the COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test can give greater detail into the prevalence of a disease in a population by identifying individuals who have developed antibodies to the virus.

Our products were thoroughly examined to fulfill the demanding European Standards requirements, making them well-known and reliable tools during the fight against COVID-19. A comparison with other tests has been included in the research of Polish National Institute of Public Health [1]. To get to know the details about offered test’s properties click the link below.


According to studies of Swiss and German researchers, the alcohol based sanitizers and disinfection measures are effective in coronaviruses eradication. Making them crucial in process of viral transmission minimization and maximization of virus inactivation in the current SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

Our company offers the products for hand washing compliant with European Norm EN 14476, available in wide range of containers from the smallest capacities of 100 ml up to 1000 ml. It provides the opportunity to either enforce the individual user’s’ sense of security in critical situations, where it is impossible to wash hands in conventional way, or to use our product in public places like supermarkets, banks and all of the facilities, where the probability of virus transmission is increased.

Protective Masks

One of the biggest threats of ongoing coronavirus outbreak is unaware infection of the people around, caused by initial asymptomatic stadium of caused by SARS-COV 2 illness. This process may be minimized by physical isolation of face from surrounding air or the distance increase from the potentially infected. While the latter of countermeasures is often difficult to preserve, the first may be obtained with the use of stopping the virus face mask, like the one offered by our company.

Three layers of polypropylene with additional filtering layer, guarantee the effectiveness of their usage, while used material imparts their sensitivity for protected skin along with netraulity for user’s allergies. The masks’ properties are complied with the EN 149:2001 and A1:2009, confirmed by granted European Certificate.

Contaminated Spirit

To OCHEM’s products belong  ratified and dehydrated ethylic alcohols of various quality, produced from frumentaceous distillation. The process of production is rigorously controlled by the experts to provide the customer’s satisfaction with the final product’s character.

Advanced technology and extensive producer’s experience guarantee the highest possible production quality and repeatability, thus enabling the realization of individual client’s needs and expectations.


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